Map of Cockburn Island


Soak up some sun and enjoy some of Lake Huron's most beautiful beaches.

City Beach

It’s a beautiful sand beach a stones throw from the marina. As well as offering a great view of the harbour and marina, it has a gazebo, fire place, washroom and change room.
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South Beach

Although it’s located on the south side of the island, it’s easily accessible by good township road. It’s a gorgeous sand beach nearly a mile wide offering a beautiful view of Lake Huron. It’s also equipped with a gazebo, fire pit, washroom and change room.
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Stone Beach

Located about a kilometer northwest of town it has a unique limestone shoreline. Many of the locals love to swim here and sit along the shoreline of limestone shelving. It offers a spectacular view of the North Channel.
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Geographic Locations

Cockburn Island features some unique geographic features (although, some can be a bit tricky to get to).

Scotch Block/McCaigs Hill

Located roughly in the center of the island, it’s the area where a group Scottish homesteaders, back in the 1880’s settled and farmed for many years. It’s the highest area of the island and offers a great view of Manitoulin Island to the east, Lake Huron to the south and the North Channel.
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Ricketts Harbour

Located on the southeast shore of the island. As logging began on the island, a mill was established here. It had a natural harbour. Today, besides the harbour there are a few small sand beaches and an interesting shoreline. Getting there, by quad, is a bit of an undertaking and should not be attempted without a guide.
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Wagosh Bay

Located on the southwest shore of the island. Back in the day large amounts of pulp wood were barged from here to the Northshore. There’s a huge sand beach along most of the bay. Much like Ricketts Harbour it’s quite an undertaking to get to. A quad and a guide is a must.
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Robinson Bay

Located along the northeast corner of the island. It has a bit of a sand beach and explorable shoreline. Although closer to town, it’s still best reached by quad and a guide.
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Historic Sites

Take a trip back in time with the Island's beautifully restored historic sites.

The Church

The church, also built by E.J. Smith around the same time as the school house, was the main source of worship on the island. Even after the island went through the lean ghost town years (from the mid 1960's till the present) the church is still being used for special services, weddings and the like. It's a five-minute walk from the dock.
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The Old Schoolhouse

School/Museum- E.J. Smith, a long time resident of the island built the schoolhouse around 1907. The last year of classes was the 1960-61 season. Since then it’s endured time rather well, getting a face lift, including a new roof around 2010. Most of the inside, including desks, text books, pictures etc. is as it was in 1960-61. It’s a time capsule doubling as a museum just a 15 minute walk from the dock. A tour can be arranged.
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